roll of nickels year in review: the interviews

In 2016 this blog didn't die, no one wrote an open letter about it, and it wasn't cast off in a surge of right-wing populism, so I'm putting it down as a good year. On top of that, 2016 was Roll of Nickels' 10th birthday, and we celebrated by trimming half its name and going out and buying it a slick new baby-blue wardrobe (complete with sideways tree).

This year also saw a four-year high in posts, spurred on by my BC Poetry 2016 feature in April (a new BC poetry book profiled each day) and my endless, shameless promotion of my new poetry collection, The News. Along the way I added 46 new quotes to my ever-growing (almost 400 total!) list of quotes on writing, and bombarded my readers, Vancouverites and (poor, sweet) non-Vancouverites alike with local event announcements.

The most fun for me, though, and increasingly the reason I keep this blog running, were the interviews. I conducted seven this year, right on my yearly average since 2012. I know, loyal reader, you've read them all in great detail. But in case you, too, have a toddler and can't remember what you ate for breakfast, let alone the interviews you read in March, here's a refresher:

January 2016: For Heavensake I Don't Have in MFA in Feelings: Kingdom by Elizabeth Ross

"I guess repentance is an aesthetic, too." - Elizabeth Ross

March 2016: Who Wants to Forget and Who Wants to Remember: 100 Days by Juliane Okot Bitek

""Never again" has also shown itself to be a promise that is true for some and not others." - Juliane Okot Bitek

March 2016: Outside of the Rhetoric: Dagoretti Corner by Ngwatilo Mawiyoo

"As far as I can tell we’re not yet at a place where “African poetry audiences” are necessarily aware of poets across the continent." - Ngwatilo Mawiyoo

May 2016: Maybe Memory is Just Part of the Event: serpentine loop by Elee Kraljii Gardiner

"Aren’t all of us always outside some language? Isn’t being a human a constant act of translation?" - Elee Kraljii Gardiner

June 2016: When You Embrace the Power of Not Caring, Everything Rhymes with Orange: Country Club by Andy McGuire

"The leathery Ohioan I saw every day at the pool led my spirit-animal entourage." - Andy McGuire

October 2016: Christ In Heaven, Isn't That The Most Depressing Sentence You've Ever Read?: Caribou Run by Richard Kelly Kemick

"Christ alive, these are difficult questions. What ever happened to, “Do you write with a pen or pencil?”" - Richard Kelly Kemick

October 2016: Juggled Casually in with the Ordinary Messy Rest of It: The Fire Extinguisher by Miranda Pearson

"I suppose writing this book was a way of fighting back, wrestling back some control. Me holding a fire extinguisher of poems up against all that, saying “get back!”" - Miranda Pearson

Thanks once again this year to PRISM international for simultaneously posting my interviews on their site. You can read all my interviews (forty and counting!) in one long stream here, or pick some out from an alphabetized list here.

Happy New Year, all! Here's hoping we all survive 2017!

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