desk blog count: sixteen was never sweeter

Desk blog #16 is upon us, and once again credit for finding it goes to rob mclennan. rob, in fact, is so devoted to desk blogs that he has assembled a list of desk blogs his very own slab of pine has been featured in.

Deskblogmaniacs, when we finally get around to doling out Desk Blog Fan Club lifetime memberships, let's make sure rob's name is at the top of the list (yes, of course, lifetime memberships will include a life's worth of free injections to keep Desk Blog Mania from overtaking your system and ravaging your vital organs. You're welcome, rob!!!).

rob mclennan's TARDIS
and heirloom CRT monitor
rob's latest find is realpants.com's "From the Desk Of" series. Highlights (beyond rob's explosion, picture here) include Chelsea Martin's lemonade-stand-love-desk and Alexandra Naughton's unicorn. Be warned: there's an overwhelming volume of whimsy up on some of these desks!

Here are the slippery sixteen:

On My Desk [Defunct: Archived Here]

Desk Space

Sitting Pretty Magazine

Writers' rooms (Guardian Newspaper)

What Is Your Ideal Space to Create? (Ploughshares Lit Journal)

"Workspace" Section (Branch Magazine)

At The Desk (Open Book Toronto)

Writers' Rooms (VIWF)

Good Places to Write

On The Writer's Desk (Open Book Toronto)

Where Do You Write to My Lovely?

10 Stunning Writing Studios (Flavorwire)

Writing Spaces (The New Quarterly)

3 Room Editors Share Their Writing Rooms With Us (Room Magazine)

Tiny Rooms of One's Own (Open Book Toronto)

From the Desk of (Real Pants Magazine)

Keep hunting, Deskblogmaniacs - don't let rob do all the work for everyone (like he does for blogging, publishing, promoting, etc).

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