new books + "Yo, Raphael!"

as a challenge to my recent assertion that no one i know is publishing anything, two friends have whipped up new books:

first, Leopold McGinnis has released his novella, Bad Attitude. at 104 pages (well, 103 and a penis), it's a quick, engaging read about a big-box electronics store employee who is only slightly less deranged than the all-consuming monstrosities (read: suburbanites) he finds himself surrounded by. you can buy it for cheap off his site, read the whole thing online (he's serializing it - he's on chapter three right now), or check it out from my Vancouver lending library (the only lending library in town right now, i believe...).

second, Colin Stewart is soon to release his novel, A Question of Extremes, and has set up a website to hype the little beast. i don't know much about the book, but the excerpts look interesting. check it out here!

and as a special bonus for reading this far: "Firefighters rescue man trapped in chimney trying to enter home; says he was drunk". the tv newscast is here, featuring its own gems of "after that lewd gesture wrapped up in a bit of sarcasm" and "Alejandro Valencio: Chimney Climber". ah, poor, under-educated Americans - the media's best target of ridicule in order to feed their (and our) superiority complex. well, them and rich, under-educated Americans. and whatever is going on here. and Barbara Walters, when she does crazy shit like this.


Colin Stewart said...

Thanks for the plug :)

Leopold said...

Ditto! You are a gentleman and a scholar! (not to mention a fine poet)