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Science is just one of the many ideologies that propel society and it should be treated as such (this statement applies even to the most progressive and most dialectical sections of science). What consequences can we draw from this result?

The most important consequence is that there must be a formal separation between state and science just as there is now a formal separation between state and church. Science may influence society but only to the extent to which any political or other pressure group is permitted to influence society. Scientists may be consulted on important projects but the final judgement must be left to the democratically elected consulting bodies.

- Paul Feyerabend, "How To Defend Society Against Science"


Anonymous said...

I agree, a formal separation between state and science is long overdue, thus I propose an immediate halt to the following Canadian Government Departments and Agencies:

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation

Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Canadian Space Agency

Defence Research and Development Canada (Defence R&D Canada)

Environment Canada

Health Canada

Industry Canada

Infrastructure Canada

National Energy Board

National Research Council Canada
-Biotechnology Research Institute
-Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
-Canadian Technology Network
-Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
-Industrial Materials Institute
-Industrial Research Assistance Program
-Institute for Aerospace Research
-Institute for Biodiagnostics
-Institute for Biological Sciences
-Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology
-Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation
-Institute for Information Technology
-Institute for Marine Biosciences
-Institute for Microstructural Sciences
-Institute for National Measurement Standards
-Institute for Ocean Technology
-Institute for Research in Construction
-Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute
-Plant Biotechnology Institute
-Research Press
-Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences

Natural Resources Canada

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Public Health Agency of Canada

....and a few others...the whole thing just makes me so damn angry!

rob taylor said...

we could totally keep the science and tech museum. we'd build it out of mud and sticks and visit it to marvel at the wonders of the old society - like how they didn't throw feces at each other to settle their disagreements (bombs proved far more efficient).