"And Rob said, "let there be blog"...

and there was blog. And Rob saw that blog was good...And Rob said to blog, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the web and subdue it; and have dominion over those who search for "girls boobs after waterslide" and "free necrophlia pix" and over every living pervert that moves upon the earth."
For a brief moment yesterday, my blog count peaked at eight (I reluctantly accepted the fact that the BC Lions, not Casablanca blog, constructed in an unsuccessful attempt to win a particularly heated debate over TV viewing choices one night, no longer served much of a purpose, and deleted it).

I've had seven blogs going since mid-2007, and without enough keyboard-time to go around, some are beginning to whither and die. Next on the chopping block is the Geroy is Mr. Lube blog, which I grew tired of quite a while ago - though the flurry with which I launched the site is still one of my favourite things I've written. I haven't had the heart to drop it entirely yet, though.

One Ghana, One Voice, which hardly counts as a blog, is still going strong, as is this blog, but that's it, really. ACCRA and The Mercienaries are sputtering along terribly slowly, and Saturdays in the Park is on its seasonal hiatus.

In practice, then, my once mighty cabal of seven blogs was (as of last week) down to 2 or 3...which just wouldn't do. At that rate I'd soon have had enough free time that I'd have felt compelled to do something productive with it.

So, to alleviate that pressure, Marta and I scheduled an extensive brainstorming session to think up a new blog. Our best ideas at the end of the three-day weekend retreat were "wedding blog", "election-watch blog", "Barak Obama crying blog" and "pro-obesity blog". Instead of picking one of these great ideas over another, we mashed them all together. The horrifying result can be viewed at:


Check it out.

A genius point for anyone who can identify the video game on the TV screen


Leopold said...

Super Mario 64?

Also, is that the costume you wore to the pizza place? Very artistic.

rob taylor said...

right on the first guess! geez, i thought it would be a challenge.

those are indeed the pants, tho not the hat. oh, how i wish...

rob taylor said...

note the 99 lives listed in the corner...gained via a wee chat with yoshi on the roof of the castle...oh yeah

Anonymous said...

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