new year, new magazine

The 16th issue of Red Fez - the first for which I sat on the editorial board - has just been posted. You can read it here.

We functioned as a collective, which was a similar experience to my work with HAP, though this group was quite a bit smaller (3).

At 19 poems, the issue a bit bulky, and could definitely be cut down, but it's progress from the last two issues of 39 and 31 poems, respectively. We're aiming to do smaller issues with greater frequency in the future. I know that in my experience once an issue of an online magazine gets over 8-10 pieces I start pick-and-choosing instead of reading the whole thing - which defeats the purpose of making issues in the first place, no?

Anyway, I've very much enjoyed the experience thus far - and being able to promote poems like this, this, this and this is quite rewarding. So take a look, and when submissions open again in February, send something!

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Leopold said...

Thanks Rob for all your help with Red Fez! I think it's a real feather in our cap to have you on board.

I'd disagree (as you know!) with your assessment of issue size. I almost always pick and choose, and originally Red Fez was set up to allow that. Then again, 39 poem issues is pretty friggin nuts and no wonder I got burned out...even at only 4 issues a year! Though, I definately think more, smaller issues would be the best of both worlds.

Once again, it's been great to have your help with the site and I'm relieved to hear that you're enjoying it!!