feathertale review #3 feat. enjambment

I just got my (surprise) contributor's copy of Feathertale Review #3. Put out by the folks who run feathertale.com, it's a swank print mag chocked full o' satire and such. Each issue they publish a few pieces that originally appeared on the website, and this time they picked my poem "Haiku 1-4". Thanks, Feathertale!

Anyway, it's got some top-notch content, including a non-fiction piece by Richard Taylor and this, from "I Shot a Stray Cat" by Greg Boose:

Finally the cat and I made love
notes and we read them out loud.
She stood to recite the details of the orifices
that could be found in her little cat heart.

It's a great read, so buy a copy in one of these stores! Or online!

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