working harder and paying better

I just came across this site, run by an English student at SFU: Every Day Fiction.

As the title suggests, they publish a new short story every day - and I thought One Ghana, One Voice's weekly schedule was a strain...

And on top of that, these overachievers pay their writers! How's a guy to keep up with that?


Jordan Lapp said...


Actually, I'm studying English at SFU, and Camille is a honours grad from U of T, but we're both Vancouver born and bred.

Thanks for the kudos on the site! We have over 1200 daily subscribers, and we're always on the lookout for stories by new talent. Thanks for spreading the word.

Jordan Lapp
Managing Editor
Every Day Fiction

Rob Taylor said...

I wonder where I got UBC from. I would never go out of the way to give the enemy undue credit!

Glad to see a fellow SFUer making things happen.