roblucastaylor.com: new poems? yes. spurious slacks? no.

I always thought it would be neat to own "robtaylor.com". Unfortunately, so did this guy. Having grown tired (and increasingly guilty) of wishing for the sudden demise of a Connecticut pop musician, I turned to the old middle name strategy.

So, Roblucastaylor.com it is!

As motivation to go check out the site, I've posted a never-before-online poem over there, entitled Viciously in our throats. It's from my new chapbook, which is next on my list and should be coming out soon.

I'm going to be moving a few things over there - which will mean less new poems from print magazines posted here (I'll keep linking online poems here).

With silaron no longer serving as both my formal and informal online poetry presence, tho, I plan on increasing the rate of awkward pant-related commentary on this blog - so I'm thinking it will be a big improvement overall.

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