Child of Saturday review

A review of Child of Saturday by Arts Editor Deanne Beattie has been published in this week's edition of The Peak. It's quite complimentary of the chapbook, and even better, gets a couple paragraphs in on One Ghana, One Voice - which is really fantastic.

You can read the review online here.

The Peak was one of few places I could think of to get a chapbook reviewed - does anyone have other suggestions?


Daniela said...

And I would also like thank this reviewer for lifting the poet and the work, which is what young poets need. We do not come fully formed, as a lot of criticism out there seems to assume.
I too complement "Child of Saturday" and I too enjoyed its compassionate, political, and clear voice. Writing such poems is a revolutionary act, as is the "one ghana one voice" project.

Rob Taylor said...

Thanks, Daniela.

And I agree about the importance of having venues to review early work - they are few and far between, making me that extra bit grateful to The Peak!