rock: salt

I'm reading tonight, along with:

David Zieroth, Alan Hill, Trevor Carolan, Daniela Elza, Christopher Levenson, Heather Haley, Kate Braid, Zachariah Wells, Russell Thornton, Joanne Arnott, Peter Trower

As part of the:

Rocksalt North Vancouver Launch


32 Books, 3185 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver, 7:30 pm

So you should:



Anonymous said...

Wow...yet ANOTHER reading for the Rockbore Anthology...

Rob Taylor said...

Seriously? Anonymous flamer? What is this, Youtube?

omfg lolz!!!!!!!!!

Daniela said...

Hi, Rob,

Thanks for the reading. I loved your poem, again. I was also struck this time (again) with the poem "My Old Master Eats Cherries" by Trevor Carolan.

As to your anonymous admirer, I would say: Wow me with something:-)

Rob Taylor said...


Yeah, I was looking forward to hearing a number of the poems again - I found new favourites and new elements of other poems that I missed in the first listening/reading.

Carolan's piece is great - my wife's favourite - and I really enjoyed hearing Joanne Arnott for the first time. Russel Thornton's poem started working for me in new ways, as well.

Then there are great moments like that blank space in your poem which unfortunately can't be read (or maybe can?), but smack you over the head once you get home and crack the book open again.


Daniela said...

Blank space is great. And I will never know all the ways it can he read. Since that is very much the reader's space as well. but we can meet there in our many silences.

Anonymous said...

Really! The greatest strength of the Rocksalt anthology is how boredom-producing it is! I was so bored during the reading...it was great.

But then again I LOVE John Cage!

Rob Taylor said...

Ah...the value of silence...so often under-appreciated. Glad you are a believer, Anonymous.

Rob Taylor said...

Hey Anonymous,

Just came across this in a poem by Peter Van Toorn, and thought you'd love it:

"In a great poem
you will hear only silence,"

You can read the whole thing here: