new HAP + reading

A new issue of High Altitude Poetry, the second since I stopped being directly involved, just came out - and my god, the further they get from my influence, the better!

It looks really sharp (and probably cheaper than the original logo and tag line they're spoofing), and has some good poems, including the long-awaited return to HAP of Kalervo Sinervo...it's been too long, my friend! Read the online version here, and the .pdf here.

Oh, and Rocksalt reading tonight - be there!

Vancouver Public Library
350 W. Georgia St. Friday
Nov. 7th. 7-9:30 pm

George McWhirter, Judith Copithorne, Jean Mallinson, Rob Taylor, Daniela Elza, Michael Kenyon, Anna Wärje, Daphne Marlatt, Russell Thornton, Peter Morin, Susan Andrews Grace, Bobbie Ogletree, Jody Jankola, Susan McCaslin, Trevor Carolan, Christopher Levenson, Maxine Gadd, Joanne Arnott, Peter Trower, Susan Cormier, Roy Miki, Zachariah Wells
p.s. New chapbook!

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