new ogov poem

The reading on Friday went well. The TWS readings always draw a good, and eclectic, crowd. I very much appreciated being given the opportunity to participate and to promote Child of Saturday and One Ghana, One Voice a bit. It was also a real pleasure to share the stage with Daniela Elza, reading our collaboratively written poem "silence: a courtyard" together.

Speaking of OGOV, I have a poem of my own up on the site this week. I put one up about once a year (this is my third so far). You can read it (and my bio and Q+A) on the homepage until next Saturday, and you can permanently access the poem here:

Under the Harmattan Sky


daniela elza said...

thanks, Rob. It was mutual. I enjoyed your reading, thanks for the laughter, and I want to hear those haikus again.

Rob Taylor said...

I'm sure you'll get a chance! I read them often enough.

If you'd like to read them again, they're online at Feathertale.com: