trip report #1

Reached the coast of Oregon tonight (Saturday). Went to Open Books in Seattle yesterday and Powell's Books in Portland today. Flabbergasted by the poetry selection at both - two shelves of Neruda alone at Powell's.

My vacation reading list, which was supposed to be new books from Philip Kevin Paul, Leopold McGinnis and David Zieroth has been thrown into disarray with the sudden addition of some American heavyweights: Muriel Rukeyser, Jack Gilbert, Philip Schultz and Todd Boss. I've put them all in my backpack and am going to let them fight it out - I'll open it tomorrow and read whichever book has made it to the top.

Out of the two stores, I spent most of my money at Open Books, as it is poetry-only (one of two such book stores in the U.S.) and that idea is just lovely and insane enough to warm my heart and tug at my wallet. It's two minutes off the I-5, just north of downtown Seattle, so you have no reason not to stop by every time you're in town. Or to take day trips...

Swine Flu update: NO SWINE FLU YET

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