recession my ass

The economic meltdown was supposed to eliminate redundancies in the marketplace, no? Then why oh why do we have two blogs dedicated to photos of writers' desks?

Desk Space

Sitting Pretty Magazine

Granted, free-hosted blogs in many ways aren't part of the marketplace. But still, could there actually be enough desk photo interest out there to justify this?

If there is, one can only guess at the spin-off blogs soon to be launched: photos of the windows writers stare whistfully out of while waiting for inspiration? Of their empty mailboxes pre-submission replies? Of the comfort blankets they soothe themselves with post-submission reply?


Paul A. Toth said...

I suppose for the same reason we have approximately 1,765,000 poets promoting themselves via blogs.

Rob Taylor said...

Fair enough!

Though you low-balled that number of poets, to be sure.

Maybe soon the two worlds will come together: 1,000,000+ blogs devoted to individual writers' desks. A new photo from a new angle every week!

What's in the middle drawer? Find out next week!!!!

Sorry if you took offense to the posting - it wasn't intended. Truth is, I think it's a fun idea. I just think it's also a very strange idea, and it's incredibly strange that two different people are doing it. But I hope it goes
very well!

Anonymous said...

You're right; a strange coincidence. I hadn't realized another zine was doing the same thing when I started mine, so point taken. Perhaps I should ahve done writer's shoes. Aha! Next zine coming soon...



Rob Taylor said...


It turns out The Guardian has one on their website, too - so we're up to three!

It seems, though, that all three are operating in three different spheres, so there isn't much overlap - instead the three are merely ensuring that we have greater desk-market coverage.

What about South American desks? Central European? African? Hmm... Paul, want me to send you some African desks? I've got some connections (not joking here!).

On the spin-off front, I'm working on the literary laundry idea with Evie over at Desk Space. We'll see what comes of it...