kate braid book launch

Kate Braid, one of the best poets living and writing here in Vancouver these days, is launching her new book "Turning Left to the Ladies" on Thursday.

The publisher's description of the book is actually interesting, unlike most such descriptions:

In 1977 Kate Braid got her first job in construction as a labourer on a small island off the coast of British Columbia. Never in her wildest dreams did she plan to be a construction worker, much less a carpenter, but she was desperate to stay on the island and had run out of money, along with all the options a woman usually has for work — secretary, waitress, receptionist. Turning Left to the Ladies is an autobiographical account of the fifteen years she worked as a labourer, apprentice and journey carpenter, building houses, high rises and bridges. She was the first female member of the Vancouver union local of the Carpenters and the first full-time woman teaching trades at the BC Institute of Technology. Turning Left to the Ladies is a wry, sometimes humorous, sometimes meditative look at one woman’s relationship to her craft, and the people she met along the way.

Appropriately, the book will be launched at a woodworking studio:

"Turning Left to the Ladies" Launch
Thursday, June 18th, 7:00 PM
The Joint Woodworking Studio
445 West 2nd Avenue

It should be a great evening!

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