welcome, slovenian falsetto fans!

I've noted in the past some of the weird Google searches people use to arrive at this site.

As a sign of silaron's growing popularity, we've leaped the language barrier. Oh yes. If you Google search for:

this is how shoud be done i get so im trying make sound like this high lyrics

on Slovenian Google, my page is the number one result.

I've already gotten one hit this way, the flood gates should be opening soon. Dobrodošli, Slovenska falsetto navdušence!


Rolli said...

Odd - but relatable. According to Sitemeter, I get an enormous amount of traffic from Africa. Apparently, it's because of an old post about a nightmare of mine, in which I was attacked by an ostrich. But Ostrich attacks are a real concern in some countries, and often make headlines. Yes, very odd.

Rob Taylor said...

Another good one!

It's an interesting way to find out what topics are little-discussed on the internet (it's hard to believe there are any such topics left).

If people are coming to our sites as top search results, I think we can official put "ostrich attacks" and "Slovenian high lyrics" on the "little-discussed" list.

Perhaps a site devoted to dealing with other sites' weird search traffic is in order: you email the site operator and tell them your weird search hit and they research that topic and ensure that if anyone searches it again, the new, actually useful post comes up first...

Fans of Slovenian high lyrics would never again have to read unrelated Ted Berrigan quotes. A true gift to humanity.