A really fun and interesting open mic last night - I was honoured to feature along with Daniela Elza, who had a few new knockout poems to debut.

It was a very diverse readings, with some high quality work on display. Oh, and lots of kookiness, including my first heckler and an appearance by the "naked poet." He wasn't kidding about the name. Having recently been dubbed a kook myself, I felt quite at home.

I had a couple friends out for their first ever poetry reading. I fear they will strive in vain for the rest of their lives to relive the experience. Or maybe next month's will be just as entertaining! Thanks, Pandora's Collective!


daniela elza said...

I liked the part where a guy just passing by, caught you talking about the water in the bay and stopped and asked how deep the water was. Then satisfied with the "ankle deep" answer went on his way. That ended up being relevant to the poem.

Rob Taylor said...

Ah yes... I believe the initial question was "Do they do aquatics there?"

The strangest and, surprisingly, most relevant question I've been asked during a reading to date...