alfred gustav series 4

The best deal in Canadian poetry, the Alfred Gustav Press Chapbook Series, is back for round four: three sharp-looking chapbooks for ten bucks, mailed to your doorstep. I'm a little late in posting this, so please note that if you want to get on board, you need to send your order in ASAP - the deadline for subscriptions is April 1st. From the press release:

The Alfred Gustav Press

Introducing Series Four:

Jeremy Harman, The Narrow Room
Nancy Holmes, Okanagan Galilee
Leonard Neufeldt, How to Beat the Heat in Bodrum

A trio of new chapbooks of invigorating, original, previously unpublished poetry in a creatively designed handmade artefact signed by the poet, available only by subscription.

Subscriptions are available for $10 in total for the three issues described below. The subscription deadline is April 1, 2010. Please send cash or your cheque payable to David Zieroth at:
The Alfred Gustav Press
519 2nd Street East
North Vancouver, BC
V7L 1E1

Please remember your mailing address (and include your email address if you wish updated information).

For more information: dzieroth(at)telus.net

The Narrow Room is a set of poems connected to Ireland. They include memories, personal sadnesses and joys. They speak to how experience is shaped not only by personal memory but also by those of others now gone, who have never really left, since they are still heard, and felt, as present.

by Jeremy Harman

Okanagan Galilee is a selection from a series of poems about the Okanagan valley of British Columbia. For the poet, the Okanagan is both geography and place of consciousness, one of the most endangered ecosystems in Canada and the site of rampant development, yet a place of incredible beauty and spiritual power. In these poems, the author is trying to understand the place she shares with other beings, and why we are so complicit in the destruction of our homes.

by Nancy Holmes

How to Beat the Heat in Bodrum presents three poems from a lengthy new series on Turkey. Like the series as a whole, the words of these excursionary poems take us into moments of geographic and cultural engagement characterized by wonder, otherness and at-homeness, these moments deepened through the lens of reverie.

by Leonard Neufeldt


daniela elza said...

I will order these, thanks.
Rob, when will we be able to order your chapbook from gustav press?

Rob Taylor said...

Mine is coming out in the Fall, along with chapbooks by Shane Neilson and Diane Tucker. Don't worry, I'll promote the heck out of that closer to the date :)

If you're ordering this round, though, I think you can just send David $20 instead of ten and note that you want to subscribe to the next two rounds.