"Mutating the Signature" was an "issue" of the online journal qarrtsiluni that ran just over a year ago, and featured only collaborative writing (including Daniela Elza's and my poem, "silence: a courtyard"). The "issue" has recently been turned into a real, stack-o-dead-trees print issue, which is available for sale. Yay!

I quite enjoyed reading the contributions as they gradually came out online (you can read the online version here), and I think the print version will make for a great read (the authors' notes on the writing process are often as interesting as the works themselves). More details, a sample of a few pages, and ordering information is all here.

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daniela elza said...

I found collaborating with you and others quite a fascinating and challenging process. each one unique in its own ways. but so much richer for having done it.

don't you think there is something to be said about truly learning from each other? Nothing like getting out of our comfort zones:-)