fun with archives

Since I set up this blog four years ago I've kept a little rotating list of poems going in the sidebar, under the header "five things that aren't mine (and i'm jealous)". It was (and is) a small way for me to promote poems that caught my attention as I stumbled about the internet. Whenever I'd find something new, it would bump off the oldest thing on the list.

As with many elements on this blog, it functioned as an external harddrive for my brain. I recently realized, though, that it was a pretty useless harddrive if I kept deleting the stored information. So I've done my best to remember four years worth of poems (I've probably come up with 1/4 of them) and have assembled an archive, which can be read here. Yay, random poems!


I Am The Russian Queen said...

Thanks for your poem list - can't wait to read each one. Great seeing you at the DZ et al event. Please add me to your notification list re April 20. rsaklikar@shaw.ca.

Pearl said...

ah nice. glad you could reconstruct some.

Rob Taylor said...

Wow, love for archives. Glad to see I'm not the only nerd out there.

Great seeing you too, Renee. A notification list is a great idea, and I will aim to compile one before April 20th. :)

daniela elza said...

thanks for the collection, Rob. What a pleasant surprise to see me on your list. yay, I qualify as an archive.