a short list of lists

Hey, I'm back from vacation! While I was gone there was a list explosion (especially in regards to various writers being overrated - what fun!). Here are some of the non-grumpy Vancouver-related lists I missed:

List #1: Winners of the aforementioned Pandora's Collective awards:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Susan Musgrave

Publishers of Magazines Awards: Room, Event, Prism, subTerrain, Geist, The Vancouver Review, The Capilano Review, and OCW (remind anyone of the ReLit long list?)

Citizenship Award: Daniela Elza

Organizer / Promoter Award: Fernanda Viveros

BC Writer Mentor Award: Ivan Coyote

Publishers Award: Alan Twigg

List #2: Poetry in Transit 2010
Congrats to all the poets who'll get poems up in BC busses this year (so damn cool!), including frequent silaron houseguests Daniela Elza and Al Rempel, who both had poems selected via their contributions to the 4 Poets anthology.

The full list is here.

And speaking of Daniela and Al, here's a poem they co-wrote.

List #3: BC's Literary World Online

The Tyee's been Facebook creeping the BC Lit World. Here is what it's learned (and listed) so far.

Useful stuff!

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daniela elza said...

thanks, Rob. I look forward to seeing your poem on the bus.
what an interesting/intense discussion could be had on overrated/underrated writers.