March Dead Poets Reading Series

I'm flying back to Vancouver in two days. As a homecoming treat for myself (with the blessing of the rest of the organizing committee, whose support I garnered with only moderate coercion) I've inserted myself into the lineup of the next Dead Poets reading (March 10th, 3 PM, Project Space). That lineup is:

Jack Gilbert (1925-2012), read by Rob Taylor
Jane Kenyon (1947-1995), read by Bren Simmers
PK Page (1916-2010), read by Susan MacRae
Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941), read by Aislinn Hunter

As I blogged about previously, Jack Gilbert's death late last year left me missing poetry, and Vancouver poetry, and the DPRS series/family, very much. So I'm pleased to have the opportunity to share a few of Gilbert's poems that have had an impact on me.

At this point, I've got my reading list down to fourteen poems:

Islands and Figs (Monolithos)
Sects (Monolithos)
Games (Monolithos)
The Forgotten Dialect Of The Heart (The Great Fires)
Tear It Down (The Great Fires)
Recovering Amid The Farms (The Great Fires)
A Stubborn Ode (The Great Fires)
Trying To Have Something Left Over (The Great Fires)
Relative Pitch (The Great Fires)
Alone (The Great Fires)
Music Is The Memory Of What Never Happened (The Great Fires)
Michiko Dead (The Great Fires)
Waiting And Finding (The Dance Most of All)
The Companion (Collected Poems)

The list needs to be culled a bit (ok, more than a bit) for length, which I'm sure I'll get to before the 10th. I might also throw in a quote or two if time allows, which it very much seems like it won't.

Mostly, though, I'll be doing my bit and getting out of the way so the excellent lineup of poets and readers can proceed.

I'm especially pleased to have Aislinn Hunter joining us, Aislinn being the person who first introduced me to Gilbert's work many years ago. It was one of the best introductions of my reading life. Hopefully, at the reading I can facilitate a few introductions between Gilbert and new readers. And maybe help make a few reacquaintances, too.

I hope to see you there.

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