A TOSOO Review + a nice note to boot!

It was a lovely surprise, 3.5 years after publication, to receive a review of The Other Side of Ourselves, courtesy of poetry review blogger Michael Dennis.

His "Today's Book of Poetry" site covered my book on December 23rd, and was a great early Christmas gift. You can read the review here.

Michael offers up a warm, positive assessment of the book, along with three sample poems (which happen to be three of the oldest in the book - which leaves me wondering what he'll think of my second book, if and when it comes). My favourite note of his is his last:

Another thing that we here at Today's book of poetry really liked -- Rob Taylor confidently tackles the big issues -- God, love and morality. But he isn't preachy, he leaves us to draw our own conclusions.

Today's book of poetry can only conclude that this is finely tempered poetry, strength built from being held close to the flame.

Since finding out about Michael's blog, I've quite enjoyed following his reviews (which come at a feverish pace). Think about doing so yourself.


Michael's review wasn't the only unexpected present to pop up on my screen this December. I also received this really lovely... I don't know what to call it... life review? Internet hug? Nice thing? from Vancouver's most dreamy-eyed poet, Mariner Janes. The... whatever it is... includes a shout-out for silaron, which is always appreciated!


Thank you to Michael and Mariner, for your time and attention, and for thinking of me as the holidays rolled around. I appreciated it a great deal!

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