Three Poems in Cascadia Review

Cascadia Review is a wonderful little online magazine devoted to poetry from the Cascadia bioregion.

I was very happy, last week, to be a featured poet on the site. I bucked tradition a bit and sent them three poems from Africa (two new ones from our recent stay in Zambia, and one from Ghana which die-hard silaron fans might recognize from my 2008 chapbook, Child of Saturday).

I also wrote a short (well... long) "statement of place", in which I did my best to explain why I sent a bunch of Africa poems in to a magazine devoted to the "Pacific Northwest".

You can read all three poems, and the statement of place, in one place here, or individually here:

The bucket is blue and deep and brims with cool water
At Makola
Statement of Place

As my "Statement of Place" suggests, the timing of this publication was perfect, as Marta and I had just returned from a short trip through Wahshington and Oregon.

Thank you to Cascadia Review for running my poems, and for bringing all of us in Cascadia a little closer together!

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