Lemonhound New Vancouver Poets Folio

Although I've been feeling old as hell lately, it turns out I'm still young enough to be a "New Vancouver Poet" (for a few more years), something for which I'm deeply grateful as it means I get to be in some excellent company in Lemonhound's "New Vancouver Poets Folio".

My two poems in the folio are "Naked" and "A Jack Gilbert Poem". In them I have a bit of fun with poetry's high-seriousness - both in my own work and in Jack Gilbert's. You can read them here.

The list of contributors to the folio is long and impressive, and includes a good portion of my favourite local poets, many of whom have been featured on silaron or at the Dead Poets Reading Series in recent years: Raoul Fernandes, Kayla Czaga, Mariner Janes, andrea bennett, Sugar le Fae, Kevin Spenst, Chris Gilpin, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Elena Johnson, and many more.

I'm slowly reading through the poems. Early on my favourites include Raoul Fernandes' "An Ache in the Knot" and Kayla Czaga's "The Braggadocios". But please, I encourage you to get reading and find your own favourites!

Thank you so much to Lemonhound/Sina Queyras and folio editors Daniel Zomparelli and Dina Del Bucchia for making this happen!

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