Coming Soon... The Cyclist!

I have an essay coming out on Wednesday with Big Truths magazine and, well, those folks don't mess around when it comes to promotion. I thought that Ooligan Press' promotion of my poem in their "Alive at the Center" anthology, complete with hand-drawn recreation of my author photo, was impressive, but Big Truths (and it's sister magazine Little Fiction) might have them beat.

The essay is about a motorcycle accident Marta was in when we were living in Zambia in 2013. Needless to say, it was a harrowing moment in both of our lives. The cover image (yes, my online essay has a cover - see above) and promotional trailer (yes, my online essay has a promotional trailer - see below) manage to take that harrowing moment and crank the harrow-meter to 11.

I'll post a link when the essay goes up on Wednesday, which gives you four days to get adequately pre-harrowed. Also, make sure you check out Little Fiction/Big Truth's fiction and non-fiction archives - there's oh so much good stuff in there.

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