it's hard for writing to be everything in your life

andrea bennett: I’m curious about what you think about the sort of storytelling approach to dealing with trauma—processing by writing, by talking, by piecing together a narrative.

Kim Fu: Writing about my father’s death did help me put a shape to the chaos, like there might be some meaning and value to all this loss. I was grateful to be an artist, and that that was an option for me.

Recently, since having a little bit of professional success, I want so much to be “productive” all the time, to write only things I can sell, to meet all my commitments and deadlines, I’ve almost lost my ability to write to self-soothe, to process, to remember. It’s hard for writing to be everything in your life—your career and your livelihood, but also your escape and salvation.

- Kim Fu, in interview with andrea bennett over at The Puritan's Town Crier blog. You can read the whole thing here.

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