The News - Arriving Fall 2016!

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I'm rather giddy to announce that my second poetry collection will be published this Fall from Gaspereau Press. The book is called "The News" and is a series of 35 poems, written one per week during my wife's pregnancy with our son.

The poems were composed in the first nine months of 2015, so the turnaround from writing to publication has been very quick. I appreciate this especially as many of the poems are topical, inspired by the news of the day, which is at once quickly fading into history, and returning and repeating itself (the poems on Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Dylann Roof, and the Germanwings plane crash have each felt - sadly - newly alive following various news stories this past week).

Four of the poems from the book have already appeared in print or online magazines. They might help give you a sense of the book:
Five Weeks (The New Quarterly)
Twenty-Five Weeks (The Maynard)
Thirty-One Weeks (Boxcar Poetry Review)
Thirty-Three Weeks (carte blanche)
I'm hoping to get a few more poems out there before the book is published, but when your publisher has a faster turnaround time than magazines, that can prove tricky.

Still, the wait won't be long - October will be here before I know it. Expect to read a healthy (?) number of updates about the book's progress and launch on this site over the coming months!


daniela elza said...

this is such exciting news. congratulations, dad Rob!;-)

Janet said...

The five week poem had me crying very hard. Thank you. Looking forward to the whole book.

Rob Taylor said...

Thank you, both! I'm looking forward to making you cry more in the Fall, Janet!