a little printing of a little poem

I've taken great joy in reading and teaching haiku over recent years, and have started writing them more frequently this year (three will appear in my next book).

I haven't really started sending them out in the world, but I was intrigued by The Blasted Tree's "Flash Haiku" competition. The barrier between haiku publications and general literary publications is usually impermeable, so it was exciting to find a publisher who liked to jump the divide. I sent in a few haiku and one of mine - a senryu, technically - was picked as the winner!

As the winner, it was published as a "mini-leaflet":

You can order a copy here for $1 (8 cents per syllable, though that number swells up to 40 cents per syllable with shipping). You can justify the shipping cost by picking up a few other of The Blasted Tree's publications, which are varied and wonderful.

Thanks so much to Kyle Flemmer and The Blasted Tree for the contest, and for making space for haiku in the world!

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