eyes to see otherwise

I have something very simple to share. Make it a force of habit as early as you can. Don’t stick yourself with a single project, if you can help it, and don’t make writing your everything you do every day. Get a partner, fall in love, squabble as partners do, make up, or if you go off on your own, join a political party or an indoor bowling, lawn bowling or curling team. Any kind of team to get you out of yourself and into the place where you live, so that you come back to the page with… as Homero Aridjis put it in the title of one of his books — Ojos de otro mirar, which I translated as "Eyes to see otherwise."

- George McWhirter, in conversation with Gerard Beirne over at The Honest Ulsterman. The interview also talks about his relationship with Seamus Heaney, UBC in-fighting, and Laurence (Larry) Lerner dropping his feet in a desk drawer (in other words, it's pretty fun). You can read the whole thing here.

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