(if such a place exists)

David Ishaya Osu: Where does art come from? Your art.

Jumoke Verissimo: I have no idea where art comes from. I am, however, interested in a chance meeting with art, you know, at the restaurant, playground, on the bus, in the bathroom, on people’s lips, in rumpled sheets.

I really do not want to know where art comes from. I guess, there is a thrill in chancing upon art.

As for my art, I think it invests itself in the process of hunting for meaning, in things that are not vague, yet remain unnoticed, unknown, undiscovered. And just as I do not know where art comes from, I don’t go searching for art in its abode (if such a place exists).


Osu: And how is Canada?

Verissimo: I remember I was talking to a friend on the phone when I first arrived in the country, and she wanted to know how I was enjoying the Canadian cold (she was trying to be sarcastic). My response to her was that the Canadian winter teaches piety. You’ll wake up each morning asking God for mercy. And you’ll feel at peace assured that after winter, there’ll always be spring and summer.

- Jumoke Verissimo, in conversation with David Ishaya Osu over at The Puritan. You can read the whole thing here.

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