Fez (Red) + Review (HAP)

1. Out of the blue, I am soon to be the poetry editor at Red Fez (which just put out a new issue). So submit your stuff - it'll be nepotastic!

2. This week's issue of The Peak (Simon Fraser University's student newspaper) includes a roundtable review of the latest issue of High Altitude Poetry, in which Mike Hingston (whose blog has mysteriously disappeared - explain yourself, Hingston!) says some nice things about my poem "after the game". Reviews like this are a good way to help improve the writing of SFU poets and critics alike, so while some of it seems to me to be overly harsh on authors' first published works, I'm hoping it becomes a regular accompaniment to HAP's new releases.

BONUS from the vaults: This wasn't the first review-of-sorts of HAP in the pages of The Peak. That happened way back in September 2004, and can be read here.

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Colin Stewart said...

He's got a new job! Riches and fortune to follow!