ten poems from a cutie

After a long wait, my ten-poem feature in The Green Muse has been published (it was supposed to be posted in May, but such is the life of the online lit mag). Feith, the editor, did quite a nice job of it - and was complimentary to boot! This is pretty damn neat, and I'm very appreciative of the effort Feith put in to making it happen.

The whole issue, which I've only started reading (and when it includes authors like john sweet, I'm sure that it'll be a good read), can be read here. My portion, including a giant picture of my head, can be read either page by page or all at once. A print version is supposed to become available mid-month, also.

The poems included in the profile:

the furthest away
the new canada
these two dogs
shadowboxers (a previously unpublished version)
what a robin thinks
chemical spill
questions to the stars

Thanks to HAP, iamb, One Cool Word, The White Wall Review, and Quills for publishing these poems previously.


Colin Stewart said...

Good stuff, sir. Are you seeing any interest in chapbook #2 yet?

rob taylor said...

not yet, though i've only heard from one (a dandy of a rejection). y'know poetry types...maybe i'll hear back from them in four years or so.

i'm still not exactly sure when i'll get fed up and publish it myself...