Am I crazy, or is this new poetry site an almost exact reproduction of One Ghana, One Voice? It's a Blogger template, granted, but it features the same modification of turning a weblink widget into a Table of Contents, and most of the same links. Also, check out their links page and OGOV's links page, their news page and OGOV's news page, and their archive page and OGOV's archive page.

They deny any connection and don't understand why I would want them to acknowledge OGOV on their site. Imitation and flattery and all that I suppose, but I can't help but be cheesed that they are unwilling to recognize OGOV, especially considering our position, as one of only a handful of African poetry sites, at the very fringe of the online literary community. Marta says I should sue them ;).

I've always had a long-term plan to use the Blogger template and modifications that I whipped up as an easy-to-learn package that other African poets could use to establish spin-off sites (One Zimbabwe, One Voice, etc.). At least this proves the structure is an attractive one, I suppose.


Caitlin said...

boooooo those monsters!!

Leopold said...

I dunno, I'm gonna have to fall more on the 'you're crazy' side. That's a straight-out-of-the-box blogger setup. It may even be the default. I know a number of poets who use that - thought they usually spice it up at least a bit.

If it's any consolation, the OGOV site looks way better. The Glass one is either really uninspired or just starting up.