new poem + sports

My poem 'demolition site' has been published in the latest issue of FreeFall Magazine. I haven't gotten my contributor's copy yet, so I can't say if it's worth a gander - the only other author I know well is HAP-published, chapbook-reviewed, poet Jesse Ferguson - whose stuff always makes for a good read, so I'm optimistic.

I'll get to posting the poem sooner or later. I wrote it while on vacation with Marta, Karin and Dave on Pender Island - so thanks again to K & D for making that trip possible! It was written in the same abandoned construction area where Marta took this photo.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm thinking of starting up a poets' sports league (i.e. in all likelihood two teams) next summer. The idea would be that anyone could join, so long as they included a poem with their registration. It would be a normal league, except that each match the teams would select a representative and have that person recite a poem in lieu of national anthems and other such pre-game rigmarole. Also, at the end of the match the losing team would have to read the "poem of shame," written by the winning team. I'm open as to what sport we play - soccer, basketball, football, street hockey, ??? (just not baseball - Bowering already covered that one and its gawdawfully boring to play). Anybody interested?


Leopold said...

heh. poetry sports league! Poetry, in general, needs more hoopla. We need to come up with more stuff that draws attention.

rob taylor said...

and that works our quads!