giant books to be cleared

We're talking real paper books, people - for only two bucks a pop!
Geist Giant Book Clearance
Wednesday, July 14th - Friday, July 16th
Monday, July 19th - Tuesday, July 20th
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Geist office
2nd floor, 341 Water Street, Vancouver

UPDATE (Thursday Evening): I just came back from the sale with nine poetry books. There are about 30 left. Go and buy some. Or go and judge my tastes based on the books I didn't buy. Either way, get down there!


daniela elza said...

ok, what are the books you got.
i do not like suspense.

Al said...

And just how large are these "giant books"?

Rob Taylor said...

I'm sure I'll loan them all to you in time, Daniela. I'll bring one tonight, for instance. That oughta draw out the suspense.

Al, it turns out it was a stunning display of false advertising. I definitely didn't need to bring the backhoe.