the news editor snapped her pencil in half. it was mechanical.

The first issue of The Incongruous Quarterly is now online, including Mike Hingston's great short story "Comic Sans" (which generously provided the title for this post) and a lots of other random + good things (like, say, this little essay on Tiger Woods' sex habits). Here's my contribution:

Reconciliation During the Great Fires

I didn't write it, though, just arranged it. Thank you to Robert Bly, George Bowering, Ray Bradbury, Patrick Friesen, Adam Getty, Jack Gilbert, Jason Guriel (well, W.C. Williams), Karen Houle, Aislinn Hunter, David W. McFadden, Roy Miki, A.F. Moritz, Helen Potrebenko, Philip Schultz and Zach Wells for doing the heavy lifting.

And thanks, Incongruants!

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