if you blog them, they will come

A day after posting on my upcoming publications, and noting that I hope they come out by the Fall, BAMMO! the Summer 2010 issue of Prairie Fire arrived in my mailbox, featuring three of my poems: "Ouchton Bay, Cape Scott, Kwakiutl Territory", "The Wailing Machines" and "Old men at the community pool".

Three poems breaks my previous record (2) for most poems in a single issue of a print journal. Hurrah! Even better than that, I got to share the issue with one of my good friends and favourite poets: Consort, Alberta's own Nora Gould (as pictured, at her wistful best, above). Nora had told me she was going to be in the issue, but neglected to mention that this was because she won the 2009 Banff Centre Bliss Carman Poetry Award. That's a lot of words to keep secret! And Nora won them all! Congrats to Nora and the other winner, who are listed here.

And thanks, Prairie Fire!


Chris Banks said...

Congratulations Rob!

Rob Taylor said...

Thanks, Chris!