what be the tweets, yo?

Zach Wells just stole a bit of my considerable thunder, but I joined Twitter a few days ago and, unlike Facebook, didn't hate it. So I just might stick with it for a while:


If you're on Twitter, I look forward to tweeting, hashing, @ing, retwitting, blornking, reblornking, etc. with you soon.


Anonymous said...

I am still not giving in. One tweeter per household might be enough...

the vocabulary, however, that I dig.

Rob Taylor said...

Ah, but do you redig it?

daniela elza said...

you already sound like a tweeter...
or would that be a twit?

daniela elza said...

there must me a tongue twister:
tweeple tweet twitish tweets...

ok you finish it.
but make it t.witty.

I better be careful, i might have to join.

these could have been a few tweets already that no-body needs:-)

Rob Taylor said...

tweeple tweet twitish tweets
tworterly twit retworp

p.s. I wouldn't sweat it, Daniela - I don't think there is such a thing as a necessary tweet.