Al Purdy A-Frame Residencies

Following on their success in saving the Al Purdy A-Frame, the Al Purdy A-Frame Trust has announced their first call for A-Frame residencies. Residencies will begin in April 2014.

From the press release:

The Purdy house is now the site of the A-Frame Residency Program, under which writers are offered a time and place to work in a location that is attractive and of historic significance. Each year between April 1 and November 30 the house will be open for the residency. Writers who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents may apply for a term of one to three months. The residency will be open to all such writers, but preference will be given to poetry and poetry projects. Each year the jury will also consider proposals for a one-month project in critical writing about Canadian poetry and will be open to unusual and creative ideas for residencies.

To read the full press release, click here.

Applications need to be stamped and in the mail by Friday, so get to it!

Not sure what this is about? This nifty video can help fill you in.

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