Canada + Ghana + Poetry

In the Venn diagram of everything, few people sit at the intersection of the "Canadian poet" and "lived in Ghana" sets (though there are more than you might guess, as I've learned through One Ghana, One Voice). One such Canadian poet who's lived in Ghana is Daniel Karasik, who recently also joined me in the "Cormorant Books author" set with his newly released collection of poems, Hungry.

Needless to say, with so many Venn intersections shared between us, I'm excited to read the book when it gets to me. As a sneak peek of sorts, I've published a poem from Hungry and a short interview with Daniel over at One Ghana, One Voice. You can read the poem here and the interview here.

I hope you enjoy them - and may your interpretations of them float away like the little blue circle in the diagram below:

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daniela elza said...

Heh, heh, love the Venn Diagram. I always had a suspicion. Also love the poem.