Dark Matter by Leanne McIntosh - Leaf Press Spring Launch

On Tuesday, May 14th (Election Day, BC - vote early!) Leaf Press will be launching its Spring 2013 titles. Leading up to the launch I've been featuring a poem a day from each of Leaf's three new poetry collections.

Untitled - Leanne McIntosh

Fresh from the knife
my great heap of flowers
is slow to accept words
that tempt my ears
and stretch my nerves.

Flowers display only
the colour they reject
and demand of the world
a new conversation.
We light our own taper
and keep it burning
and thereby prove
that human is divine.

Where our hands touch
ligaments of light
hold the world together.
For me
beliefs are still to make
if I consign old and doubtful cargo
to a new and wayward seed.

One belief after another
an avenue of trees
on fire.

from Dark Matter
(Leaf Press, 2013).
Reprinted with permission.

Leanne McIntosh was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. She has published two previous books of poetry: The Sound the Sun Makes and Liminal Space. Her poems have appeared in literary journals, anthologies and a series of chapbooks edited by Patrick Lane. She is a regular participant in local reading events and she volunteers poetry sessions at the Nanaimo Brain Injury Society.

Leanne will be launching Dark Matter on May 14th, along with collections by fellow Leaf authors Emilia Nielsen and Daniela Elza. The details:

Leaf Press Spring Launch Party
Tuesday, May 14th, 2013, 7:00 PM
Rowan's Roof Restaurant
2340 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Featuring: Emilia Nielsen, Daniela Elza and Leanne McIntosh
Free, and free appetizers!

If you missed them, you can read a poem by Emilia here, and a poem by Daniela here.


Robert Gore said...

A wonderful poem - thank you for posting it! Congratulations, Leanne!

Alvaro said...

This is cool!