milk tooth bane bone by Daniela Elza - Leaf Press Spring Launch

On Tuesday, May 14th (Election Day, BC - vote early!) Leaf Press will be launching its Spring 2013 titles. Leading up to the launch I'll be featuring a poem a day from each of Leaf's three new poetry collections.

I write between drops - Daniela Elza

I write between drops.                    eaves dripping.
two crows in a tree          like ears           listen.

again          I fool myself
                              that I can even get close
                                        to writing                :rain:

these                    ghosts on the page that pull at me
drag me out of my skin                  into certainties.

if we have to be           truly philosophical 
                                                              we will not say
a word.

          in the linden tree           below the balcony—

the breaking of twigs                    the weaving of a nest.

crows here          speak so effortlessly           of rain
tap                    tapping                    on leaves

and the strip of light                    above the horizon
          delivers us
                    to the eye of the moon
                                                  to the night

where we are           dark thought                  perched
in the trees of dreams.

with first light
                            you notice
                                                 speckled turquoise eggs.

          rain           isn’t
                                            divisible           from this.

from milk tooth bane bone
(Leaf Press, 2013).
Reprinted with permission.

Daniela Elza’s work has appeared nationally and internationally in over 80 publications. milk tooth bane bone follows closely on the heels of her first poetry collection, the weight of dew (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2012). In 2011 she received her doctorate from SFU and self-published the book of it (Ebook and print).

Daniela will be launching milk tooth bone bane on May 14th, along with collections by fellow Leaf authors Emilia Nielsen and Leanne McIntosh. The details:

Leaf Press Spring Launch Party
Tuesday, May 14th, 2013, 7:00 PM
Rowan's Roof Restaurant
2340 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Featuring: Emilia Nielsen, Daniela Elza and Leanne McIntosh
Free, and free appetizers!

Check back in tomorrow for another Leaf Press poem!

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daniela elza said...

Thank you Rob, for featuring the poems from these three books, for promoting the event, and for your support.