BC Poetry 2017: "Dazzle Ships" by Jamie Sharpe (ECW Press)

 (Of Your Career, Get 25K)

Friends audit
the inside of your thighs.

against flesh.
A broad at home.
Marry, later,

when profits

             “While Canada has some brilliant poets, does it have
             enough good ones to grant prizes like this as much aes- 
             thetic relevance as financial reward?”*

             Canada’s mid-career poets fall in an inverse bell curve: 
             the bulk being geniuses or imbeciles. There is no middle.

             The need to editorialize over news.

             New literary award: good.
                          —Too bland.

             New literary award: good (but are we good enough for it?)
                          —Super Bland™!

*Jared Bland. The Globe and Mail. “Writers Trust of Canada announces new $25,000 prize for Canadian poets.” Tuesday, April 22, 2014.


Jamie Sharpe is the author of Animal Husbandry Today and Cut-up Apologetic. He lives in Comox, B.C.


Dazzle camouflage, at the beginning of the 20th century, was an attempt to answer the question, How do we hide those things that are too big to hide? Ships, often containing thousands of soldiers, were done up in a confusing array of lines to perplex and distort the viewer’s perspective (in this case, German submarines). “Razzle dazzle” was art attempting to hide life.

Jamie Sharpe’s Dazzle Ships is also concerned with art’s relationship to life. It questions how we build poems from the material of mass culture. And in asking whether authentic modes of expression can be found in an increasingly automated world, Sharpe creates a poetry that is at once as disturbing as it is hilarious and as deeply profound as it is subtle.


Arrives today!!! April 11th, 2017.


Book Launches: Unknown...

Purchases: From the ECW Press website or at your local bookstore. $18.95.


Hiding things that are too big to hide.

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