BC Poetry 2018: "Bad Egg" by Beni Xiao (Rahila's Ghost Press)

Dear God, Can I Have A Designer Purse?
Bugs have no concept of personal space--what's that about?
My Dick could touch your Dick and it would just be chill, 
imagine that.

If I was a bug I would be loud and annoying like a cicada,
except my bug noise would sound like KACHING 
KACHING, and not in a cool way like the MIA song. I would 
be the cicada's rich and tacky cousin,
but I'd have a huge bug Dick.

You know how people look like tiny bugs from tall buildings? 
Well do you think if my boyfriend's mom saw us touching 
Dicks from the CN Tower she would be okay with that?
Would she even notice? Would she be into it?
Or would she wanna squish my huge bug Dick into mush?

Hello God, yes, hi, it's me; 
you probably can't tell me apart from the other bugs
but I just want to say that I think you are OK, 
even if I've asked you

for a Marc Jacob's bag a trillion times and you never deliver,
thanks anyways,

from me, and my huge bug Dick.


Beni Xiao is a recent UBC graduate who’s work has been featured by Room Magazine, Sad Magazine, The Real Vancouver Writers’ Series, and Can’t Lit. In their spare time they like to nap and snack. They are very into fruit. They can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @verysmallbear.


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