memewar magazine has published "The Next Great Proletarian Revolution" on their website. i believe it will also be included in their print edition, due out in october. maybe someone can grab me a copy?

the online version is here.

thanks, memewar!


ocw = shrewd capitalists and all-around good folk

the people at one cool word magazine are neat. look! they promo'd my chapbook for me while i was on the other side of the planet:

see, it's hiding there in the corner!

sure, the almost 400% markup on the price probably hurt sales a bit, but at least a few copies got to go out on the town for the day. i think they've been feeling all cooped up at home, and most likely enjoyed the fresh air.

thanks, ocw!


Haiku 1-4

my poem "Haiku 1-4" has been published in the online mag, feathertale.

read it here.


meditation 1

here is an empty space
in my life
i will fill it with love
here is an empty space


book review: Sarna

my review of He Claims He Is the Direct Heir by Lazar Sarna is now online at poetryreviews.ca. read it here. oh, and marta and i are in ghana now. we will be here for the next seven months. feel free to stop by for a visit.