Hastings and Carrall

it seems entirely appropriate
how we slow to stops,
lean out our windows,
shake and curse.

how we ask questions,
check our wrist watches,
mumble the Lord's name.

how we turn the corner slowly
and wind through back streets -
a lurching procession around this intersection

where an ambulance only now begins
to pull away and a forensics team
squats to capture roll upon roll.

from the March 2008 issue of High Altitude Poetry

More of my poems from HAP can be read here.


ocw is two years old

One Cool Word is celebrating its second birthday on Friday. Hurrah!

Their b-day party will be held at East 3rd Gallery (Grace Gallery?), at 8 PM. All the details are here.

And, possibly, an "enlarged" version of my poem "The Violet Depths" will be pasted on the wall. Neat!

Marta and I are planning on going, and you should too.


poetry in three panels

1. Anyone want to do this together? Get together over the weekend and see what we come up with?

2. The Perry Bible Fellowship is great. Yes it is.


poets, poems and podiums

1. We've posted a great Q+A with Emmanuel Sigauke over at One Ghana, One Voice. Check it out!

2. Though I've been updating this blog less frequently lately, I've been keeping up the "five things that aren't mine" section of my sidebar with new poems that caught my eye. The latest additions are this, this and this.

3. I rescued a podium from an imminent home in a landfill. No, I don't know what I'm going to do with a podium, but I'll come up with something. And no, I have no idea where I'm going to store it. Stop with your questions and brow-furrowing.

The humble beginnings of a lucrative podium rental business?


i'm really tired of coming up with titles

Man, this "we-better-do-something-since-it's-BC's-150th" thing is becoming a bit much. As I mentioned in previous posts, poetry anthologies are pending for both BC poets and poems on Vancouver.

Now, The Malahat Review is looking for poems on "B.C. and the Green Imagination" for a special issue. Their promo page even has a picture of someone hugging a tree. Yeesh.

Individually, I think each idea is great, but it's getting silly (especially as all three have very similar submission deadlines).

Oh, and completely unrelated: this looks neat (read: free). It's on Monday at UBC and I'm planning on going (if anyone wants to share a B-Line bus ride, lemme know).


self-promotion + flag-gate

As I do every six months or so, I've posted a poem of mine on One Ghana, One Voice ("at makola"). The post also includes a brief Q+A with my OGOV partner-in-crime Julian Adomako-Gyimah (he Qs and I A). You can read it here.

Oh, and completely unrelated (thanks, David Eby, for posting this):


two things

Thing One:

One Ghana, One Voice is a year old today! I never thought it would make it a year, let alone collect almost 20,000 hits in the process.

To celebrate, I changed the banner and colours and such. Take a look.

Thing Two:

Steven Duncan over at Commercial Drive - LIVE! was nice enough to post a promo for splattered earth on his blog - and I didn't ask him to do it or nuthin'. Thanks, Steven!