i never said "tits"!!!

I'm not crazy about so much of a campaign being focused on such a small amount of money, symbolic as the funding cut may be (especially when similar cuts to essential social programs like women's shelters drew far less attention), but this is pretty damn funny.


the Arby's of common purpose

A great little commentary from Scott Feschuk in the new issue of Macleans. Read it here.


two beers diverged in a yellow wood, and i - i took the one with the light, crisp, refreshing taste

Kudos to the folks at Hacksaw (who published this poem of mine) for getting some press, and positive press at that (a two-"masterpiece" salute, even). I do wonder, though, about the author's assertion that there is looming corporate interest in local hand-made arts zines. Maybe my family will be proud of me one day, after all...

You can read the review here.



new website for HAP

Sean Wilkinson, the new web guru over at High Altitude Poetry has completely redesigned the club's website, and gawd it looks beautiful! He's even gone and gussied up the site with a few of my old, high-quality open mic ads.

As one of the former webmasters of the site, I can safely say that it's never looked better. Check it out!


Extra Rocksalt Launch

The anthology of BC poets I talked about in a recent post has added another Lower Mainland launch to its schedule:

Fri. Nov. 21st, 32 Books in North Van

It looks like I'm going to be reading at this and the Vancouver reading at the VPL (November 7th, 7-9:30 PM). Wootz!


rob taylor owns a hovercraft and can shoot lazers out of his eyes

I just got my contributor's copy of the latest issue of the Nashwaak Review, which includes a couple of my poems: "it kills them too" and "story". Thanks, Nashwaak Review!

The new issue also features some solid poems by Barry Dempster, Jesse Ferguson, and Changming Yuan, among others - so head on over to Fredericton (or your nearest bookstore) and check it out.

My poems were accepted more than 9 months ago, from a submission I sent while still living in Ghana (almost 1.5 years ago, now) so my bio in the back is pretty entertaining - stating that I live in a different city than I currently do and that I have poems coming out in the Spring 2007 issue of a now-defunct magazine.

From now on I'm going to attempt to guess what my life will be like two years in the future whenever I write a personal bio.