January 17th, 2007, Ada Foah

he drops the bamboo pole
deeper and deeper until he hits sand
then he quickly works his way up the pole:
three thrusts, each one lurching the boat
forward, breaking the bow against
wind-fluttered whitecaps.

he dips, turns, waves,
climbs his bamboo ladder,
the dog in the bow yapping

i smile and wave back,
for a moment almost believing
that if i pushed my pole down
i would hit seabed,
i would move this vessel forward.

from the March 2007 issue of High Altitude Poetry

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CoralPoetry said...

I just found your site through Blogtopsites and I have bookmarked it for later perusal of your archives. These are wonderful poems you have in HAP. In fact, the standard seems to be unusually high in this e-zine and I enjoyed my read over there.

I would like to link you on my blogroll, if that is OK with you.


Rob Taylor said...

Sure! Thanks for the link and the kind words.